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Elevated Human

The ability to and the extent in which people can express themselves is becoming the focal point of our era. Once the most primary steps of the pyramid are reached, people begin to focus on reaching the “top shelf” of self-realization. Self-knowledge, respect, autonomy, creativity and resilience are some of its central axes.

Polysemic Human

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There is no one type of human being; rather, there are as many as there are individuals living together on the planet. Diversity has flourished. Each one now is, lives, consumes and connects as they need, believe and want. Empowerment, tolerance and inclusion elevate the human being.

Conscious Loneliness

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As a direct consequence of hyper-connectivity comes a new inwardness that is rooted in selective solitude. People spend more time with themselves, soul-searching, in order to get to know themselves better. They are independent: they are able to satisfy their own needs, by themselves.

Digital me

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Digital life is now just as relevant as actual everyday earthly life. The digital is no longer only a mouthpiece for what is happening in real life. It is now a separate, essential environment that enables people to express their own identity, live experiences and generate new relationships.

Face it!

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to self-realization.

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Rebellion & reformulation

Humanity is rebelling against injustice in a globalized context. All corners of the world now share many great concerns, and the digital era allows their individual voices to be heard as one, united. We are moving away from constant passive complaining towards increasing constructive advocacy and accompanying acts that drive change.

Real Self

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It's the age of empowerment. Global support gives people the strength necessary to openly love themselves as they are. They tell the world about it without fear, and even to make it their banner, their symbol, their image. Weakness gives way to proudly hanging out flags.

From me to us

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Struggles are collective. Those who share a feeling or a purpose now stand and fight united in a group, raising their voices for those who cannot do so themselves. Change, inclusion and empowerment are words that champion these movements.

Walk the walk

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Emotions become actions. Empty exposure is seen as a necessary evil and takes a back seat while real change is underway. The important thing is to act. Rebellion is not just about words or hashtags anymore; it rather focuses on tangible acts that have real impact.

Face it!

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Balanced Lifestyle

The volatile context in which we find ourselves, constantly surrounded by anxiety and uncertainty, is forcing us to rethink the way we live. Opposite extremes are living together in a balanced way, even in the same person, diffusing behaviors and pleasures of different lifestyles. Ups and downs are evened out in search of a full and healthy life.

Mind-body balance

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Health is holistic. It means listening and responding to the body and mind alike. People strive for a balanced life; speeding up and slowing down work hand in hand. It is considered the key to overall and long-lasting well-being.

Hybrid life

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Lifestyles are no longer clear-cut and divided. Due to the complexity of daily life and the empowerment offered by globalized knowledge, new and hybrid lifestyles have been generated. They draw on different cultural codes, modifying the way we live, interact and consume.

Pleasure and health

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People also need indulgence from time to time, to serve as fuel for their struggle for an overall healthier life. People are learning to actively listen to their bodies, allowing them to attain a balance between what generates pleasure and what benefits their health.

Face it!

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Eternal Condition

Life expectancy has increased, and with it, people’s eagerness to live life to the fullest as long as they can. They want to be able to make the most of what they have, and to enjoy every moment. Aging is seen as the enemy of the desire to live an infinitely active and full life. This fear of growing old is causing people to revise their rituals in order to achieve their goals.

Cross-gen lifestyles

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Today's different generations have seen their lifestyles become intermingled, creating combinations that are difficult to define. There is a central generation that sets the trend and acts as an influence for the other generations, which adopt it adding their own variations.

Short & Long term benefits

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People have adopted a standard of being flawless, now and always. This causes them to work on their well-being in the short- and long-term, alongside one another. Wellness is no longer a quick fix but rather means being able to prevent any kind of setback or affliction throughout life.

Life cycle dilation

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The new wave of prosperity looks nothing like the ones before it. It includes improvements among all generations. Today's seniors are active and connected to an ever-changing globalized world. They no longer wait for their time to come, but rather make an active effort to enjoy their finest hour.

Face it!

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Onion World

The well-being of human beings is so holistic that it naturally includes their own health as well as that of the space around them. Listening to a feeling from within, persons start to commit to looking after the ecosystem they live in and have a direct impact on. Taking care of the environment is considered an extension of taking care of oneself.

New nesting

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The home is becoming a place of active refuge from hyperconnected life. The up to now passive space becomes significant both in terms of spending time and the activities that take place within it. Perceived almost as an extension of oneself, the home’s design and upkeep are thought out in detail and with care.

Frictionless city

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Cities that are currently lacking familiarity are evolving towards friendlier, more habitable and self-sufficient alternatives. Coexistence is being reinvented to make them places where people want to be again, to live to the fullest.

SOS Planet

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The planet is in danger, meaning the human beings who inhabit it are as well. Under this "selfish" premise, concern is giving way to action. A deceleration has ensued in the hopes of saving what is rapidly being ruined. But what lies beyond sustainability?

Face it!

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out of their lives.

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Future is Mainstream

As a defense strategy in the face of a changing and turbulent world, society is beginning to focus on both the future and the present. “The future” as a subject has become its own entity, which carries enough weight for it to be predicted and analyzed from many disciplines. Living in the present now is the past, whereas living with an eye to the future is the new present.


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In such a turbulent time as the present, dystopian perspectives and approaches are gaining momentum. People need to understand what the world will be like in the future, but more positivist movements trying to interpret the world are being bombarded by dystopian views that feed on the most catastrophic signs.

Mainstream forecasting

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Companies, people and governments feel vulnerable against an uncertain future. Because of this, they are developing tools that try to predict what the future will look like so as to create strategies that allow them to accurately approach it with as few surprises as possible.

New Faith

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From the beginning of time, humanity has needed someone to guide it; some kind of prophet to admire and follow. Today, in light of so much insecurity, helplessness and loneliness, people are looking for guidance. They want someone or something to show them to the right path, now that there are so many to choose from.

Face it!

Pave the way for the future of your customers.

What if...
...we create businesses that ensure a desirable future for people?
...we promote services that help manage uncertainty?
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